Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Occidental Grand Flamenco Xcaret Wedding in Playa del Carmen - Sarah & Jed

we had a crazy fun time in playa del carmen with sarah and jed at the beautiful occidental grand xcaret. when we arrived on a thursday it was an absolute downpour, and the same on friday. so, the backup plans were in place - the rehearsal was inside the open air lobby (the backup ceremony site). through it all, sarah and jed were calm and focused on what was most important...they were getting married! on saturday morning we all woke up to gorgeous sunshine and not a cloud in the sky. sarah and jed had until 2:00 to make the final call as to where the ceremony would be held - outside at the gazebo by the water, or inside at the lobby. and, when 2:00 came it was still beautiful outside...a few clouds, nothing to worry about...but, then just before the 5:00 ceremony. the weather suddenly changed, the skies turned angry and it rained harder than it had thursday or friday. so, it became a mad scramble to relocate the ceremony. the occidental grand xcaret is big and beautiful resort - and it is a LONG way from the lobby to the water - so the lobby was no longer an option for the ceremony. the ceremony was then set up on the covered balcony of the same building as the reception, but the rain came in horizontally and soaked half the chairs. finally (after one more unsuccessful location) the reception tables were moved out and the ceremony was set up in record time in its place. it ended up being a great back up site as the sides were open to the outside, and the positioning was such that the rain was not a problem. by, the time the ceremony started, the rain mellowed out, and then just as the ceremony ended a beautiful rainbow came out as if to say congratulations to sarah and jed! the rest of the evening was beautiful and the trash the dress session the next day was incredible - be sure to check back soon for those photos.