Thursday, March 25, 2010

hollister ranch wedding - nate and lindsay

another wedding i didn't get a chance to blog last fall. jenny and i loved shooting this wedding! we loved everything about it - the couple, the families, the location, the decor you name it we loved it! in fact jenny said to me (and anyone else who would listen), "this is exactly what i want kaitlyn's (our 5 year old daughter) wedding to be like!"

nate and lindsay are so madly in love it was infectious. i still can't get over the sequence of photos as nate sees lindsay for the first time. there were about 15 more perfect photos nate's reaction that i could have included in the post, but you have to narrow it down at some point...

and, i'm convinced hollister ranch is a little slice of heaven on earth - and not just because of the surf. the golden hills, blue skies, and great oak trees have something to do with it too.