Sunday, February 21, 2010

wedding in rome, italy - melissa and jorge

the blog is alive and kickin'! i do apologize for neglecting it, but i'm back! i'm reviving my digital self and i've made a resolution to log on to facebook as well! so what better way to get the blog going again than with melissa and jorge's awesome wedding in rome, italy at the famous hassler hotel. the hassler is located at the top of the spanish steps in rome. and in a variation of the italian wedding tradition of walking to the ceremony, melissa walked up all 138 steps to the hassler - in crazy high heels! the spanish steps are a favorite place for italians and tourists to slow down, sit, and watch the busyness go by on via dei condotti (rome's rodeo drive). so, after the rooftop ceremony we went down the steps and melissa and jorge sat with everyone else and soaked in the whole scene. the next day, we had a few moments to cruise around rome and take some more photos at their "day after session." melissa and jorge were staying at the st. regis grand, so we started there - then, had fun exploring the city.