Thursday, February 21, 2008

Home again!

i had an incredible time with friends this weekend. we stayed at a beach house just across the border near rosarito. we surfed ate surfed played beach volleyball ate surfed and slept - pretty much in that order - everyday. no phones, no computers. ah, what a weekend. we ate twice at my favorite restaurant down there called "la flor de michoacan." i love it because instead of ordering something off the menu, you order the food by weight! both times we ordered a kilo. you don't even need to tell them what you want a kilo of, they just go get you a kilo of carnitas, and then bring you "all you can eat" tortillas, beans, rice, guacamole, onions, salsa etc. awesome!

i hardly pulled the camera out at all, but here is a shot of the view from the deck.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

the sign on my door says it all! i'm heading south of the border for some much needed r&r. i'll be without phone or internet until tuesday. so, if i don't get right back to you...i apologize. i'll catch up when i return. don't forget to check out my free wedding photography contest. see the post below for more info.

The Great Destination Wedding Photography Giveaway!!!

Happy Valentines Day!! Hopefully you're with someone you love! And to spread the love, I have officially announced my Free Destination Wedding Photography Contest! I will be photographing one wedding for Free!! All I'm asking in return is for travel expenses to be paid. Check out all the details at the Best Destination Wedding forum! Good luck!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

katie and jason's engagement

i had a great time this evening shooting katie and jason's engagement session. it was a beautiful night, and they were great sports as we had to repel down a cliff to get to the beach. but, it was all worth it. here a few pics. check out the slide show too! i can't wait for the wedding in june!